Standard single

A warm and cosy cocoon.

Size: 12m²
Lit: 140 cm
Capacity : 1 adult


Perfect for business travelers and budget-conscious vacationer.

Size: 10m²
Lit: 120 cm
Capacity : 1 Adulte

Standard Double

Modern, comfortable rooms for couples visiting Geneva for work or leisure alike.

Size: 2 adults
Lit: 2x90cm or 160cm
Capacity : 17m²

Superior Double

A snug and exclusive space, for two or more.

Capacity: 2 adults and 1 child
Size: 22m²
Lit: 2x90cm ou 160cm ou 180cm


A warm setting, perfect for families.

Capacity: 2 adults and 2 children
Size: 22m²
Lit: 4x90 cm or 2x90 cm and bunk beds

Superior double with dining space

The right choice for long stays

Capacity: 2 adults and a child
Size: 25m2
Lit: 2x100cm beds put together